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How A Die Cutting Machine Can Make Your Production Far More Profitable


When you’ve designed or developed a product and it’s possible to make them one at a time profitably, then the next step is to try and automate the process. Many times the cost of making something is mostly the labor of having someone sit all day and cut the patterns out, weld or glue them together, then grind off the rough edges. Hours of labor for each one, but if you could set up a die cutting machine to stamp out thousands of each part per day, you could lower your prices and still make more profit on each one.

Die Cutting Machines Come In Several Different Types

the-die-processThe rotary die cutters are usually used to precisely cut sheet metal. Without it, a person would have to sit at some kind of saw all day long and carefully follow a pattern. With the machine, the pattern is made into the die cutter, then the sheet metal is run through, making exact cuts, each and every time.

It’s possible for a machine that is running smoothly to cut 15,000 parts in one day, where a single person might only be able to make 10 or 15. Machines don’t need breaks, lunches, or even to go home and see the kids, plus they make the people that run them far more productive on a per hour basis.

There Are Smaller Machines Made To Cut Card Stock Too

Just because they’re used to cut steel, doesn’t mean that some aren’t made to cut many other materials as well. If you’re in the ID card business, you could have a machine that’s able to cut through huge stacks of cards in a second, and then repeat over and over all day long.

Die cutting machines can be designed to run on compressed air, this is easy since you can put in a compressor and pipe compressed air throughout your plant and run lots of machines on one compressor. Or they can be hydraulic powered to handle thick metals or hard to cut materials. It’s even possible to have a manually operated cutter that works with a lever for smaller jobs that are less repetitive.

The Beauty Of A Cutting Machine Is Precise Cuts

The more complicated you pattern is, the more time it takes to intricately follow the design, but a die cutter will follow the same pattern over and over again, making thousands of identical parts, or cuts. As long at the die stays true, the finished products will be identical.

The key is to find a workable pattern that is in high demand so you can take advantage of your ability to produce thousands per day to reap the benefits of mass production. If you have to make new patterns quite often and do a lot of custom work the set up time and expense won’t be worth it.

There are a lot of different types, sizes and applications for a good cutter. It’s best to look in the industry that you’re in for the right cutter for the material and job that you have since there are so many different options.

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